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Jean & Ian Boyd

Message: Its worth it to be free of Phil for 50 days!

Moira, Richard and Matthew Kite

Message: Best of Luck!


Message: Good Luck Claire and the rest of the team on your epic adventure. We are so very proud of you! Love James and the whole team at TNEI

Lesley & Bob Neville

Message: Very best of luck, have a safe and successful journey

Betty & Nick Clark

Message: keep “er gannin”!

Julie and Ian White

Message: As one sailor to another – avoid the entrancing music from Sirens and let Father Neptune guide you well.

Jill and Nigel Kite

Message: Good Luck

Andy Abraham

Message: Good luck to Phil

County Life Homes

Message: Dont Sink! Best Wishes from us all at County Life Homes

Brenda Barrett

Message: Good Luck Philip

Julie and Steve Leigh

Message: Good Luck from your friends at Tees

EEF – the Voice of Manufacturing

Message: Good Luck from the EEF NE regional advisory board.

Northern Rowing

Message: Wishing the Tyne team all the best on your rowing challenge on behalf of the Northern rowing community

Tracy and Phil Robinson

Message: Wishing the Tyne team all the best.

Liz Gray

Message: Good luck Tyne Team

Pauline and Geoff Higgins

Message: Good luck Dave

Angela & Geoff Clack

Message: Good luck to everyone!

Northstar Ventures

Message: Good luck on your innovation journey!

VEST Construction (LIVECO Ltd)

Message Good Luck Claire and I think you are certainly mad! Gavin

Quantum Pharma Group Limited

Message: Good luck to Phil and the crew!

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