The Opportunity

Combining the North’s love of its rivers, sport and innovation Team Tyne intend to showcase the best of the North, what we have done in the past, how it has influenced the now and what we can do in the future. The idea is to show through a living exhibit, the team’s bid to complete the Talisker Atlantic Challenge, how the North East took industrial river transportation in the 19th Century to international sport in the 21st Century and how river and sea based innovation is continuing in the region through its Universities and businesses, having a positive impact on the world in which we live.

North East Innovation

North East innovation will be a key part of the bid, enabling organisations to showcase their products and services as well as enable the crew to complete the crossing in the fastest possible time.
We are looking to market the best innovation from our Universities and businesses, to showcase them to the world, innovation that –

Improves the design and function of the boat

The lighter and more stable the boat the faster and more comfortable the row. Means of removing weight on all equipment throughout the boat and associated equipment including food will be sought through innovation.

Improves the performance of the crew

We will be looking for innovation in training and nutrition that give the crew the opportunity to finish the face in the fastest time possible with minimal deterioration in performance. It will be an opportunity to monitor the crew’s health over a period of considerable exercise which could be used for the benefit of medical science.

Offers greater protection from the elements

Facing all the elements the Atlantic can muster the crew will need all the protection it can get. We will be looking for innovation that protects the crew from the sun, sea, wind, constant rowing and general wear and tear.

Maintaining the health of the crew

Rowing 50 days plus across the Atlantic will have its own health hazards as a result of the physical exercise and length of time. We will be looking for medical advances that keep the crew healthy

Improving communication

The crew will be allowed to keep in touch. Over the course of the 3,000-mile journey, in a boat being tossed about by 50ft waves, such systems will need to be robust.

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